• CRUSHMETRIC is a design/production company established in 2019, with operations in Ybor City, Berlin, Hong Kong & Singapore. CRUSHMETRIC was co-founded by artist/inventor Noah Deledda. Our first project, the SwitchPen was launched in January, 2022.

  • Co-founder and designer of CRUSHMETRIC's products, Noah Deledda, creates sculptures by denting aluminum cans. This "Art of crushing" that Deledda developed led to the invention that is at the core of CRUSHMETRIC technology.

  • AN ART OF POSSIBILITY: Dented Aluminum Can

    Deledda creates intricate sculptures by denting aluminum cans, using only his hands. Each can is first scratched to the extent that it becomes polished. A common object and simple method, elevated through an elaborate, creative process.

    Noah has received worldwide acclaim for his work. Accomplishing the seemingly impossible by doing something unique, in a field where it’s said that “Everything has been done before.” Ironically Deledda claims that, by definition, “It is simply a dented can.”

    To Noah, a life-long artist, is inspired to make art that is about art itself.

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PROCESS INSIGHT: Scratched, Dented Aluminum Can

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