How to refill the SwitchPen

The SwitchPen is refillable and will accept the Pilot Gel Ink Cartridge, or any standard cartridge of the same length. To replace the cartridge, remove the tip, exchange the refill, then replace the spring and tip.

In some cases there can be an issue while replacing the pen tip. If the threaded core becomes inaccessible, follow these steps to safely replace the tip:


Cody from The Action Lab breaks down (literally) the physics behind the SwitchPen

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Deledda creates intricate sculptures by denting aluminum cans, using only his hands. Each can is first scratched to the extent that it becomes polished. A common object and simple method that illuminates the transformative power of art itself.

Noah has received worldwide acclaim for his work. Accomplishing the seemingly impossible by doing something unique, in a field where it’s said that “Everything has been done before.” Ironically Deledda claims that, by definition, “It has been done before. You have most likely done it yourself. It even just happens by accident! It is simply a dented can.”

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An art of possibility