In some cases there can be an issue while replacing the pen tip. If the threaded core becomes inaccessible, follow these steps to safely replace the tip:

    1. Locate internal notch/slot

    2. Use tool (paperclip, toothpick or similar) to to access notch.

    3. Push notch forward (towards tip).

    4. Ensure that threads are fully exposed and foil is correctly positioned (pushed toward switch end).

    5. Hold switch in place.

    6. Replace tip while holding switch.

    **The foil may be damaged if incorrectly positioned**

    The SwitchPen is refillable and will accept the Pentel Ener-Gel Gel Ink Cartridge (#LRN5-A), or any standard ink cartridge of the same length (110mm). To replace the cartridge, remove the tip, exchange the refill, then replace the spring and tip.

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