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Mega PACK SwitchPen/Tumbler Combo

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Includes FREE SHIPPING to most areas

SwitchPen/Tumbler Combo includes all 5 Switchpen colors & 1 Matte Black Tumbler

(Silver, Black, Rose Gold, Electric Lavender, Holographic)

Includes FREE SHIPPING to most areas

Each pen includes a storage/carrying case

Click HERE for more information about the Crushmetric Tumbler

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Tumbler Description

The CRUSHMETRIC Tumbler in matte black with a 16oz. (475ml) stainless steel core (double wall, vacuum insulated). When the lid is opened, the body changes shape. When the lid is closed, it returns to its original shape.


  • 16oz. capacity (475ml)
  • Folding handle
  • Sturdy, durable construction
  • Spring assisted closure
  • Non-slip base
  • Replaceable/interchangeable parts
  • BPA free


  • 1 CRUSHMETRIC tumbler
  • Tumbler tote bag with drawstring
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Instruction manual

SwitchPen Description

Retractable gel ink pen with shape-changing body. Switches seamlessly between solid/crushed. Operates by switch that activates crushed grip and ink cartridge.

SwitchPen 2-Pack. Each pen includes a storage/carrying case

The Version 2.0 Galactic Black SwitchPen updated features:

-Smoother switch action

-Extra crunchy sound

-lightly brushed metallic "Galactic Black" shell (extra durable)

-New pull tab box

-Comfortable crushed grip

-Sturdy, durable construction

-Break resistant plastic

-Gel ink cartridge (Black)

-Pen Size: 5.75in (14.5cm) x .75in (1.5cm) x .75in (1.5cm)

-Materials: Shell - Metalized polymer, Body - Break resistant plastic

-Included: Padded storage case 6.5in (16.5cm) x 2in (5cm) x 1in (2.5cm)

*Not suitable for children 10 years old and younger*


Free shipping included (to most areas)

Materials (Tumbler)

BPA free plastic (P.E.T.) - Lid, Outer shell,
Base Sheath, Tumbler Base

304 Stainless Steel - Tumbler Base (Core)

Food Grade Silicone - Upper/Lower/Lid Seals

Dimensions (Tumbler)

Tumbler: 9in X 3.125in (23cm X 8cm)

Box: 9.85in X 3.5in X 3.5in (25cm X 9cm X 9cm)


Tumbler weight: 1lb (16oz)(.4kg)

Shipping weight: 1.25lb (19.5oz)(.5kg)

Pen weight: 1oz

Instructions (Tumbler)

Wash before use. Hand wash only with mild detergent. Do not use metal scrubbers, abrasives, chlorine bleach or harsh chemicals.

Tumbler exterior should be rinsed and wiped only. Do not submerge. Disassembly of tumbler is recommended for washing and submerging (see assembly and disassembly instructions). Air dry tumbler after washing.

Do not microwave. Keep away from heat sources like stoves, fire or boiling water.
Do not freeze. Do not overfill.
Fully secure lid before use.

Insulated tumbler has heat and cold retention effect. Use caution with hot beverages. Hot beverages may create pressure inside tumbler. Opening tumbler under pressure may release hot fluid.

Use caution with the following contents:

Carbonated beverages, dry ice, perishable beverages, foods high in salinity.

These contents may create pressure inside tumbler. Opening tumbler under pressure may release fluid.

Tumbler is designed to prevent spilling liquids. Liquids may leak if not handled properly.

To minimize the chance of leaking:
Store tumbler in upright position. Ensure that lid and seals are fully secured.
Do not drop tumbler.
Do not use if tumbler is damaged.
Do not overfill.
Do not shake tumbler.
Do not carry inside bag or purse.

Dropping or damaging the tumbler may affect its performance. Upon damage, small parts may become dislodged and cause injury or a choking hazard.

Keep the tumbler out of reach of infants due to risk of burn or injury.

CHOKING HAZARD- Small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 yrs.

Instructions (SwitchPen)

The SwitchPen is a piece of functional art, please operate with care to ensure best results.

Do not store SwitchPen in its crushed position.

Heavy use may cause slight wear, however this does not affect function.

See instructions on how to remove/replace the tip & cartridge before disassembling.