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SwitchPen Electric Lavender 2-PACK

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The Version 2.0 Electric Lavender SwitchPen updated features:

-Smoother switch action

-Extra crunchy sound

-lightly brushed metallic "Electric Lavender" shell (extra durable)

Retractable gel ink pen with shape-changing body. Switches seamlessly between solid/crushed. Operates by switch that activates crushed grip and ink cartridge.
*Vibrancy of colors varies depending on light

-Comfortable crushed grip

-Sturdy, durable construction 

-Break resistant plastic

-Gel ink cartridge (Black)

-Size: 5.75in (145mm) x .75in (15mm)

-Materials: Shell - Metalized polymer, Body - Break resistant plastic

-Included: Padded storage case

*Not suitable for children 10 years old and younger*

Care Instructions

The SwitchPen is a piece of functional art, please operate with care to ensure best results.

Do not store SwitchPen in its crushed position.

Heavy use may cause slight wear, however this does not affect function.

See instructions on how to remove/replace the tip & cartridge before disassembling.

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